Architecture & Design

DSC work with imagination and vision, to create and adapt spaces that are a pleasure to be in and around. We use volume and light and materials to explore architectural boundaries and human movement between spaces. We want our buildings to engage visually, and know that good architecture will also engage you on both a physical and psychological level.

Good quality design and sound construction details will generate practical and functional buildings. But as designers we can add so much more than this to a project simply by being engaged in a dialogue with you at an early stage. We have insight and vision, and are able to generate ideas and concepts which would otherwise not be considered.

We approach each project from first principles and can engage with broad conceptual masterplans or the smallest intricate details. We strive to deliver innovative, contemporary environments that are affordable, beautiful and functional. We believe that a successful building will inspire, delight and engage its people, evolving naturally over time with the needs of the building users.

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