Building Information Modelling (BIM) 

Building Information Modelling is a method of working whereby a new building can be constructed in virtual reality before it is built in the real world. This can have many advantages for a Client. The building can be tested in the virtual world for things like energy efficiency and daylighting levels, and the design can be honed to a greater level of detail before it is signed off.

You can also have a virtual tour of the building and see the spaces before the building is built. Seeing what you will inhabit and making changes at that stage is simpler and less costly than making changes on site. Having an intelligent model of your building can also be a useful Facilities Management tool and can bring greater efficiency in future maintenance, repair and asset management.

For a contractor, BIM can mean greater efficiency, less waste and more control and certainty over the construction process. These are the reasons we have embraced BIM and are making it work for us and the people we collaborate with.

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