Project Management 

We have a strong tradition of effective project management; managing the construction team to ensure the scheme is delivered on time, within budget and to the required specification. Every DSC major capital project is assigned an experienced project manager who has a strategic role separate to the architect, who is then free to concentrate fully on maximising the design input.

A natural development of this collaborative approach to project implementation is the formation of integrated partnering teams. We have delivered many of our larger contracts on this basis, usually with the contractor taking over the design responsibility after detailed planning consent has been obtained.

We have been employed as Employer’s Agents for many large projects throughout the county.

These include:

  • Stroud Leaing & Disability Day Care Centre (£2,400,000)
  • Brockworth Enterprise School (£990,000)
  • Coopers Edge Primary School (£7,221,650)
  • Yorkley Primary School (£1,400,000)
  • St Whites Replacement Primary School (£6,000,000)
  • Sir Thomas Rich’s School; Sixth Form (£2,043,460)
  • Maidenhill School (£3,830,000)
  • Tuffley Primary School (£1,053,437)

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