Hopelands School

The Client

Gloucestershire County Council


The Project

New Hall

Project Value


This multipurpose hall for Hopelands Preparatory School replaces a temporary building which was in a dilapidated state. The school is located on a residential street and the children are taught in converted residential properties which have a notably homely feel. The hall has therefore been designed to read as a converted outbuilding behind a residential property. This was done by using the simple gable end form and a limited palette of materials, mainly timber.

A lean-to canopy off the front provides a transition space between the playground and the hall which the children can use imaginatively as an extension of their playground or the teachers can use equally imaginatively as an extension of the inteal space of the hall.

The success of this building in architectural terms lies in its response to the site context and also in keeping the original design concept visible in the finished building.

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