School Entrance and Art Exhibition Gallery

The Client

Churchdown School


The Project

School Entrance and Art Exhibition Gallery

Project Value


The Curve is an art exhibition venue adjacent to Churchdown School’s main entrance. Its prominent position on the site reflects the school’s status as a Visual Arts College. DSC’s brief was to design a multipurpose space that would be flexible in use and which would be a suitable addition to the front of the school site.

We proposed a simple building which incorporated the main entrance leading into the school reception area. It responds to the human scale by bringing the single storey eaves down closer to the ground. It also has touches of playfulness in the curve of the wall leading to the entrance and the different shapes created internally by the ceilings which follow the line of the pitched and stepped roof.

As well as being an exhibition space, it is also used as a reception area for extracurricular events and for the school’s artist in residence programme. It is a light, welcoming, airy space that the school has made great use of.

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