New Teaching and Vocational Training Building

The Client

Combe Pafford School


The Project

SEN Teaching and Vocational Training

Project Value


The school caters for pupils with moderate learning difficulties, some also with physical difficulties, and some with Autism Spectrum Condition or other complex needs. Our brief was to replace a two storey temporary structure with a new teaching and vocational training building on an infill site connecting up on three sides with existing buildings, which just happened to be at three different floor levels. The site, right at the heart of the school, was difficult to reach and didn’t allow much room to manoeuvre. There was also a significant drop across the site of just over 2m and most of the building work would need to be carried out during term time.

There were significant constraints placed upon us in terms of the site, the existing buildings and the logistics of construction. To add another layer of complexity, the client’s funding constraints meant that the construction would need to be broken down into two phases. We therefore had to ensure the building could be easily extended.

The fact that the constraints placed upon us are not noticeable in the finished building is a testament to the time and effort spent. The overarching success of this project has been the result of a continuous collaboration between all the parties involved, especially those established between the Client, the Main Contractor and DSC.

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