Six Classroom Maths Teaching Block

The Client

Dene Magna School


The Project

Six Classroom Maths Block

Project Value


Dene Magna School’s mathematics department was housed in a dilapidated 1920’s building which had very small classrooms and a severe damp problem.

We helped the school to apply for funding for a new 6 classroom teaching block and proposed the demolition of the existing building and its replacement with a simple landscaped area that would significantly open up of the front of the school.

The new building is laid out along a spine corridor with stairwells at either end. To one side of the spine are the classrooms, looking out over the tennis courts, and on the other is ancillary accommodation for SEN, Student Support, Admin Offices and Pupil WCs.

As well as designing with the adjacent buildings in mind, we also undertook a topographical and 3D model study to show the extent of visibility of the building from Plump Hill.

This project ran concurrently with another two-classroom extension project on the same site and was followed by the demolition and landscaping work. Since completing this project we have also carried out works to an existing staircase and toilet refurbishment work at the school.

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