Renovation of WC Facilities

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 Renovation of WC Facilities

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The quality of your toilet facilities can say a lot about your school. These can often be areas that are poorly lit, poorly ventilated and lacking in circulation space. They can become dated and unhygienic very quickly too if they are not easy to clean.

We have successfully renovated WC facilities in a number of schools, breathing new life and a bit of colour into these dilapidated and neglected spaces.

There is an increasing demand for gender neutral facilities and for these to be designed to help with the school’s anti-bullying policies. We have reconfigured several traditional toilet blocks with this in mind and by opening up the hand-washing areas into the main school corridors the feeling of openness benefits all the building users.

As well as standardised disabled toilets we have also installed SEN personal care rooms which include an accessible shower or wet area, a changing table, a hoist and tracks, worktops and washing / sluicing facilities. These are designed with specific students in mind but also need to be adaptable to cater for future SEN pupils who’s needs are not currently known.

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