Upgrading of Flat Roofs

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Gloucestershire County Council


The Project

Upgrading of Flat Roofs

Project Value


The majority of schools have existing buildings designed with flat roofs that have been in place for many years. Many are patch repaired when they begin to fail or are overlaid with a liquid coating which prolongs their life a few years longer. We also find that there is surprising little insulation within these roofs which in turn contributes to heat loss and increased energy bills. The preferred option in most cases is to remove the existing roof coverings, increase the level of insulation to comply with current building standards and to leave the school with a new roof finish that has a manufacturer’s guarantee of between 20-35 years.

We have been successful in helping schools and academy trusts apply for funding for roof upgrade work and we have overseen and completed projects on numerous sites.

Most of these flat roofs have been peppered with rooflights which are usually either single glazed and inefficient or dilapidated and unsafe. As part of the re-roofing work we also include for replacing existing rooflights where this is deemed necessary. The school that wins the prize for having most rooflights so far is Balcarras School in Cheltenham, with all 99 rooflights being replaced.

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