We are proud of our connection with DSC, you have given us considerable support over the years as we have improved our facilities, indeed we could not have made such progress without you and your team.

– Matthew Morgan (Headmaster)  | Sir Thomas Richs School

DSC has been involved with Newent Community School and Sixth Form Centre since 1999. When creating a development plan to secure funding it is essential that a clear understanding of the school’s need is present. DSC have demonstrated this clear understanding when projects are being discussed, ensuring our plans are realistic. I am always grateful for the advice, support and guidance that is provided by DSC with their high standard of professionalism.

– Ann Price (Business Manager) | Newent Community School and Sixth Form Centre

I would like to express my sincere thanks for the professional approach displayed by DSC during the building work…We were very impressed by the attitude of all DSC employees…As a school we found the whole team a pleasure to work with.

– Mrs E Sawicka (Headteacher) | High School for Girls

I have worked with DSC over a number of years in a couple of schools. Over the last two years we have worked closely on securing funding from the ACMF, these projects have made an enormous difference to our school. As a team, DSC understand the needs of schools and is realistic and honest when discussing projects. Our new LRC opened in January and we undertook a substantial refurbishment project over the summer, I am very grateful for the support and professionalism afforded us by DSC.

Sue Dorey (Business Manager) | Farmors School

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